I happen to be back...

2011-06-05 02:23:01 by Veritas-kun

It has been several years since I have returned to Newgrounds, and coming back, I am enjoying my stay again. I will probably be using this site more and more for my more general game compositions so that they may be used in games where appropriate.

Anyway, just wanted to pass through a short update. See you around!


2009-02-27 18:08:33 by Veritas-kun

Okay... Tis Veritas-kun here. And yush, though my name implies through Latin association that I'm a girl, I'm a guy. Don't confuse me. Please. My friend does that enough. D:

Anywho, I've uploaded one of my songs. It was the best one I made with FL7. Now I have FL8 and I'm going to make two new songs. One called Mist, and another yet to be named with a rhythm I've made up. And then there's also a Flash video coming up as well. But I'll get to that when I get there. ^^