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this is some good stuff, yes

An exceptional conclusion.

Your animation skills in this regard are fantastic, especially in regards to Firefox. Of course, there's a simplicity in your style, which works well in this regard.

I just question whether we'll ever see something in a newer version of Windows, or perhaps a Mac or Linux computer. I'm sure there are some excellent things you could do with that. Understandably, though, this was a fantastic conclusion to what has been a fantastic series.

Excellent video indeed.

Perhaps try an Andrew Hussie hero/sprite mode?
Or perhaps an anime style of your choice?.. though you might be limiting yourself to cartoons/web series. Hm. Can't say any others are coming to mind. MLP? It seems pretty popular.

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I enjoyed playing it! A couple of weird aspects of the game are pretty much all that's keeping me from giving 5 stars. Some of the controls are a bit finicky and i feel like a lot of the cash just seems to be unobtainable a lot of the time due to imprecision, but that's part of the game, I felt, and the upgrades, had I played for longer, would've probably helped me with this. All in all, a cool experience. Getting a rocket on the ground, followed by another rocket on the ground is a great feeling!

I found the block placing mechanic a little difficult at times, but it was a nice concept for a game! I felt that the design of the menus let the game down slightly, as well as the very short looped music.
The concept of the game was excellent though!

Well done! As a HS fan this was well orchestrated, with very little room for plot holes. It seems something feasible and likely to occur within the confines of the narrative!

I do have an issue with the background music. First of all, it would be awesome if, in the description, you could make note of all the songs you used, just so people know where they can go to find them. And also, a lot of the sound was clipping in the flash. I'm not sure why this is the case, but it could get distracting while navigating.

Anyway, excellent story, excellent idea!

alphastarr responds:

Thank you for the constructive criticism! :)

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Excellent loop!

You've got everything going for you in this, Ebon. The percussion is excellently placed, and the guitar riff is catchy and makes you want to dance, when combined. Everything blends fantastically. If I were to give a criticism, the guitar's lower tones could be a little louder when everything drops down to listen to that low melody you use. That's about all the criticism I have, love the piece!

(you should totally call it corpse party btw.)

EbonHawk7X responds:

Thanks! and done.

Uploaded without background?

Why did you think there'd be a problem with the guitar solo? Unless you're actually doing a dedicated A Capella style song, there's no point just uploading your singing - we want to be able to match you to chords, and music helps to support your vocals. That's the point of music. Maybe you should've sought out an instrumental version.

On top of that, there was that section at the start where you must've gotten close to the microphone, and as such, you distorted your voice out. Next time, ensure you stay the same distance from the microphone.

Finally, you're singing with a very nasal tone. A lot of sounds which should be 'ung' turn out to 'uhn'. It makes this song very difficult to listen to and, with the lack of power behind your voice, is also causing you to flatten your notes. So, 1/5 and 2/10, for trying, but you need serious work.

Oh, when the melody kicked in...

It just followed from there. Fantastic job. I loved the half time section, as well as the parts where the melody line fell into itself through distortion. Exceptional control of melody everywhere. My only qualm might be that the build-up was a little too much but really, fantastic all around. I loved it!

SilentEnvision responds:

Thanks! I really appreciate the great review! :)

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